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Un(wine)d with Mandy J Yoga!

We have been so lucky to partner with amazing people as we continue to build our brand. One being Amanda Jagniecki of Mandy J Yoga studios (check out her Facebook Page here!). She did our first Un(wine)d Yoga session back in June and it was the PERFECT evening. The temperature was wonderful, the sun was out. It was the perfect evening for yoga. 
To help get to know Amanda/Mandy more, she graciously answered a few questions below, hopefully making you as excited as we are for the next Un(wine)d session! She is so passionate about yoga, and with our passion for wine, it makes for a great event!

How long have you been practicing yoga? I started practicing yoga probably around 2002 - me and a good friend at Shelby High School found a local public class to attend and so we started practicing for something fun and healthy to do. In 2007 I took Yoga 101 at Grand Valley State University, where I started to feel something happening inside me through the practice. I wasn't sure what it was …

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