New Barn!

Hello Friends!
We wanted to share some exciting news if you haven't already seen on Facebook/Instagram! We built a new barn to host events and weddings. We are so excited to share a piece of what has been so special to our family for over 50 years. We are offering ceremony and reception space along with a house rental if needed.
Our beautiful new barn!
We will be hosting a grand opening event May 28th which we will be sure to show pictures on social media and the blog- stay tuned! 

Progress being made in the new barn- floor is paved!
Barn views into our back acre of the vineyard!

As you can see we're making great progress on the barn. We're now picking out the interior decor, which I am so excited to share once everything starts falling into place!

We are also hoping along the way to update you with renovations we're making at our rental and additional acreage of grapes for our winery. We are hoping by 2019 you will be able to purchase our wine. We will keep you updated along the way!


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