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WINE HIGHLIGHT: Sweet Riesling

After two years of good product, we wanted to highlight one of our original varietals and one of our only vinifera grapes that do well at Pleasant Valley Farm and Vineyard. Sweet Riesling has proven to be a favorite to those who taste it and a grape that thrives on our property. This is likely because the origins of the grape are from Germany, with a similar climate and weather as what we see many years in Michigan.

Typically Riesling is sweet with fruit overtones. The fruit will be that of citrus, with lemon and lime notes. With that of apricot as well to smooth it out and really round out the flavor so you're not "puckering".

Our Riesling is sweet, with fruit forward flavors. Personally, I find most of our wine has a bit of an apple taste to it. Our Vidal definitely does and I could get hints of it with our Riesling. I believe this is in part due to the environment of our vineyard- it being an old apple orchard. This is my theory, not approved by our vintner!

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