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Frequently Asked Questions

We have gotten many questions over the course of this summer, which is awesome! We're excited people are paying attention to what we're doing. Here are a few of the questions we've received and hopefully some helpful answers.

Q: When are you open?
A: This is the one we get this most and it is the one that makes me most excited. We're so happy people want to come and stop by and it's so hard to tell people the answer. We're not open most of the time. Not yet. Next year we'll have even more wine available, and hopefully, that will mean more events.

Q: Can you ship wine?
A: Not yet. Hopefully soon. We'll be sure to notify you all once that is available. We will be able to ship our other products, like our fudge and maple syrup!

Q: Where can we find your wine? What stores are you in?
A:  We're not in stores yet and only sell our wine at our events and farmers' markets. Be sure to like our Facebook page to get the latest on the events. And follow us on…

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