Memorial Day Tasting 2018

Thank you again for everyone that came out to our first tasting of 2018! We were excited to have 4 varietals to offer. We received great feedback on all of our wine, with our Cariano Sweet Riesling being our #1 seller! For now at least. 

What makes our wine so special? It is 100% all estate grown. We do not import any juices from off our property. It's a lot of work, but pretty cool to say it's all grown on site!

Here is the wine we have to offer for all of the remaining tastings this year:

Cariano Sweet Riesling: 100% estate grown Riesling grapes create an approachable Riesling with delicious sweetness and notes of Apricot and Tropical Fruit.

Teifer Vidal: This bright, fruity wine offers delicious hints of apricot, apple and peach. Serve chilled to enjoy a sweet treat any time. In our opinion a great summer porch wine!

Norma Dry Rose: This estate grown Rose offers a fun, accessible drinking experience with sweet tropical fruit flavors and lively acidity. Serve chilled to enjoy the feeling of a summer afternoon at any time of year! For wine lovers and novices alike!

Norma Louise Sweet Rose: Our sweetest Rose! Summer will never feel far away when you enjoy this smooth, approachable wine.

We also sell our other products such as Fudge and Maple Syrup at our tastings!

Don't miss out on our next event this summer- Un(Wine)d. This is a 60 minute yoga class with wine tasting to follow. You can choose from the four varietals above for only $15! Register here!

Did you stop by our wine tasting?! What did you think?


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