Morel Season 2019

To say this has been a weird Spring is an understatement. It has been cold and wet, even for the Midwest. This has caused a very weird Morel season. 
 These were in an odd spot- more out in the sun where they can get dried up easily!

We saw a ton of different mushrooms this year, just didn't seem to have a lot of Morel's. We typically get bags upon bags, but this year we had many bags, just not as many as years past. We found HUGE Morel's this year, just not as many. Some were as big as our feet! 

We also have special places where we find Morel's. This year, many of these places had NONE and the most odd places would have a few. 
Real or poisonous?

Of the different types of mushroom we saw out, we saw many poisonous mushrooms. I looked up many different pictures previously. There are good sources to cite if you go out hunting. But we saw many morel look alike mushrooms which can make you very sick.

Morels can be enjoyed many different ways. The best way we have enjoyed them is pan seared in just butter ( sometimes adding a little bit of maple syrup!).  We soak them if they have been in the refrigerator for a while.

We then cut them in half. This is another way you'll see if a mushroom is a Morel look a like- it would not be hallow inside as Morel's are. 
You can see that these are hollow inside.

You will see that some mushrooms will get mold on the inside. These should be thrown out or if a small area has mold, you can cut it off with a knife. Whatever your preferences are. 


Depending on how many mushrooms you have and the size, you can equate how much butter you will need to pan fry them in. You pan fry them in the butter until the mushrooms are soft and malleable. 
Pan fried in the good stuff!

Hopefully in the future we'll be able to provide better Morel content. This year didn't give us enough of an opportunity! Stay tuned for more!


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