WINE HIGHLIGHT: 2018 Blueberry Wine

I know, I know, it seems most of Michigan wineries have fruit wine of some sort. But truly, I think ours is one of the best! We have blueberry bushes my great-grandma planted back in the 60s. These blueberries are phenomenal. No matter what we make with them, the end result is amazing.  That is a large reason why I think this wine is as good as it is.

It also is really good because David, our vintner, treats it like red wine and follows the same procedure for making and fermenting the wine. While yes, it has a Blueberry taste, it isn't as much grape juice wine as wine with a taste of blueberry.

Typical Blueberry wine will be very sweet and almost juice like (in my experience). Our Blueberry wine will have blueberry notes, but not juice like by any means.

Not only is our Blueberry wine a favorite, but fruit wine is growing in popularity. Check out the article by Fortune, highlighting the wine trend that actually has been around for a while in Michigan. But perhaps now it's becoming more legitimate.

Order your own bottle today by emailing us or stop by for a private tasting to let us know what you think in person!


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