Labor Day Fish Boil

Hi Friends!

Despite Labor Day being a few weekends ago, I wanted to share the fun evening we had at Cherry Point Farms which is near (in farm country terms) to Pleasant Valley Farms. Therefore, it makes for a quick experience to get away and relax for a evening. We got close to 30 of our closest friends and family together to celebrate a friends birthday with a fish boil! A fish boil has a lot of history and they explain all about how Cherry Point came to do them. The menu calls for seasoned onions and potatoes along with delicious white fish. It is boiled in a large pot- and at one point there is a huge flame! Very entertaining. At the end, they serve cherry pie with the most amazing vanilla ( and I swear some almond was in there) ice cream. And you are then welcome to walk through their lavender labyrinth. 
Cherry Point

The large flame- I thought my camera was going to melt!
To reserve your spot, you can call to let them know the specific number of people in your party and they provide picnic tables and food. It is a BYOB dinner. Because we were able, we created a space that we decorated for our friend’s birthday. We started by buying fabric tape to put around the top of mason jars. We then used these as our center pieces and bought sunflowers and one bouquet of mixed flowers. We then put together fun bouquets for each of the jars. 

Center pieces included flower, candles and paper straws. 

Another cool thing we did was we spray painted frames in corresponding colors to fabric tape used on mason jars for the flower arrangements. We then ordered from Etsy (but you can also DIY), props to take pictures with within the frames. What a fun ice breaker and activity during the opening parts of the party, while we were not eating.

Over all our experience was amazing. We had such a great time being able to catch up with old friends. The food was great. My favorite part being the seasoned boiled potatoes and the amazing cherry pie.

Check it out if you’re in the area!

Your friendly farmers.


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