Welcome to the Pleasant Valley Farm Blog! Our hope is to share many different things with you. The first being the wonderful products that we will produce. We also hope to share tips and tricks to gardening during any season as well as recipe’s that we use with the produce from Pleasant Valley’s garden.

Crystal Lake
Christine Teifer

First, I want to share more about the history for Pleasant Valley Farms. My great grandmother Christine Teifer and her Husband Dr. Charles Teifer bought the farm in 1948. At which time it was just a lake house. Located on Crystal Lake, and 80 acres, it was prime real estate. They eventually turned into a working apple orchard under the name “Pleasant Valley Farms”. Shortly thereafter, the stated put in a highway reducing the property size to 55 acres.  The orchard produced and turned a profit until the late 70s. Shortly thereafter my Grandma built a home and moved onto the property next door to my Great-Grandma and Great Uncle Richard.

Norma (my grandma) with her brothers, Richard and Robert

In 2005, after my Great Grandma and Great Uncle passed, my family decided to buy their portion of the property, while my grandma still owns the portion where she has her house. We updated and remodeled much of the farm in the first initial years. We completely gutted and remodeled the Farmhouse and revamped the two small houses where the farm workers had stayed. We call them “The Blue House” and “The White House”. We updated what we now call the “Snack Shack”, and spruced up the boat house.

The Snack Shack Prior to Rennovations

The Updated Snack Shack

In 2013, after updating the buildings on the property we planted the first acre of grapes (many varieties). We additionally put in a trellis system in 2013 with around 25 hop plants (again, many varieties). In 2014, we planted the second acre of grapes, bringing our total grape vine count to around 260- planted all by hand!

The Grapes and our Barn

In the coming years, we hope to build a new barn and start to produce wine. Through this blog, we hope to take you along for the ride!

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